Your Money

Our Plan for New Revenue

PFS Capital Services LLC officially partnered with the Gateway of First American Payment Systems. As a partner, PFS has the exclusive rights to sell merchant services to all businesses within City to City Market. In addition, under this partnership, PFS Capital Services can legally represent its Cooperative members as a collective group of independent floral owners conducting business as one. This allowed us the flexibility to collectively utilize our capital in the development of the foundation of our Mega Market program. All in-store and web order transaction are deposited into each members account within 24 to 48 hours.

To put the floral industry on a secure path to new revenue growth, we need all florists to register and join forces and come together. City to City Market is custom designed around every independent florist in the US. We have listed over 11,000 florists in predetermined market places within the City to City Market Directory. We have GPS mapped over 3,000 Mega Markets (distribution networks) that can only be owned by independent florists

The new virtual government of independent owners working together is built through a foundation of retail florists. This foundation of ownership is rooted through our cooperative bylaws. We believe our plan will help to keep the most vulnerable florists in business while connecting the new internet revenue stream through the Mega Market program. This is the first of its kind shared revenue platform that has been woven into your brick and mortar floral business.

Join us and together we will do our part in restoring value to the floral industry. Join Us