What if it’s not unrealistic? What if it’s not too late?
If you believe that the floral industry has been declining and squeezing out the real independent floral owners who built the floral industry in the first place, then become a support member of our cooperative and let’s fix it!
If we as florists can agree to work together using shared resources we can collectively retain our customers using the internet for fair customer distribution.

The competition is not between you and other local florists, but all local florists against major companies who use their technology to mine your customers. Floral owners working together helps you compete in this high tech world. As PFS continually grows, we will be able to build more advanced user-friendly websites, hire the best marketing teams and build the ultimate florist POS—all the technology that will enable florists to safeguard their business, their customers, and their future.

When florists control their own internet technology throughout the country it opens the door to millions of consumers having direct access to thousands of florists across the country.

Without these internet technology services controlling your business, these corporations will no longer be able to survive on the backs of independent florists. Florists having the ability to communicate among themselves without any outside entity intervening in your business will break this false cost ceiling that has kept these corporations in business at the expense of independent florists. Until now, florists have been isolated from their customers and have lost control of their own inner communication system which has isolated them as no more than a delivery system.

Technology corporations and order gatherers have spent and continue to spend millions of dollars each year to beat the florist to the consumer, while claiming the consumers as their own. Florists have millions of consumers whom they have given internet technology corporations and their order gathering partners access to transmitting of their customer’s orders directly through them.

When florists own and control their cooperative they can maintain and grow their business and can hire some of the sharpest technical minds in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Under the PFS Floral Cooperative, florists will close the door to all other organizations claiming duel partnerships.
Become part of a long–needed change to bring back honor to the floral industry and REAL VALUE to your independent floral business.

Join us and together we will do our part in restoring value to the floral industry. Join Us