About Us

So, in January of 2012 we set a new course, when thirty-six independent florists came together for the first annual stockholder’s meeting. Afterwards, 100% of the membership in attendance signed and legally certified the contents of ownership. Each member was then issued stock in the PFS Floral Cooperative and PFS Florist Management Company. We took that knowledge and started organizing a new plan for the internet future, identifying every cost whether service or product.
We gained a complete understanding of all the intricate details of the various revenue streams and the internet technology required to connect through each type of the many independent floral retailers.

During this historic meeting, a plan was laid out for the future on how PFS would grow. One hundred percent of its members agreed; to be able to build City to City Market into this new internet infrastructure, its (owner) members would have to fund their own corporate internet technology company.

The Future is Now - Let's Work Together

Join us and together we will do our part in restoring value to the floral industry. Join Us