About Us

PFS Floral Cooperative is a member owned floral co-op designed to take advantage of uniting independent retail stores into an organization working together as one for the benefit of all its members.


We are looking for florists dedicated to returning the industry back to the brick and mortar – family owned flower shops. This has been a daunting task but all within your grasp due to the vision and hard work of a few florists. PFS member owners can originate, send, and fill the orders within our own community of florists nationwide in a new design that has been written in the clouds and belongs to the local independent florists.


This organizational design was born several years ago when a group of florists began investing in ideas on how to return true ownership of the floral industry back to the florists.

The foundation of PFS has been established so that not only will it be possible for owners to share in ALL the profit from the fruit of their labor, but owners will know exactly how every dollar generated through their organization is used.

Join us and together we will do our part in restoring value to the floral industry. Join Us