Independent Florist Unite

Crystal Flower Shop
Carol Ayala
2815 S. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, IL 60623
Phone: (773) 247-6117
EMail: crystalsfl@aol.com

I somehow came across a flyer from PFS over two years ago. I contacted PFS at that time with questions. I was attracted to the idea but was not convinced. Early this year I came across the same flyer and wondered what ever happened to PFS. I called once again to find out where PFS was at. The PFS concept was explained to me and how far along they had come. This time I was convinced that this was the path to take to continue the success of my flower shop. I proceeded to invest in PFS by purchasing a Mega Market. I also attended the stock holders meeting in Las Vegas where I met the board of directors and other floral members who had invested in PFS.

I have seen how the floral industry has changed over the years. We have lost our independence to order gatherers and wire companies. It is time to take back our industry and stop slaving for these companies. We have access to the internet just like them. PFS is making this possible for us. The most important thing is to remember that this is a cooperative own by the members. Now is the time to invest in PFS.

Fassler Florist
Celeste Mackey
1892 Ashwood Dr
Ft Wright, KY 41011
Phone: 859-331-7673
EMail: fasslerflorist@gmail.com

In PFS we are a collective ownership. I want all florist to own their future prosperity and growth through the Internet. As collective owners of PFS, we can chart our own destiny. We will not bow down to the existing floral services out there. This is my business { FASSLER FLORIST} . It will always be my business, but as a collective owner in PFS I have more of a presence in the floral industry and more of an on-line presence on the Internet. When we stand united as floral owners, we take back our industry and our country as small business owners.

Floral Express Flowers & Events
J Ted Lewis
425 West Capitol Ave – Ste 14
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: 501-666-3196
EMail: jtedlewis@gmail.com

We all know how our industry, as a result of the internet is changing daily. PFS has positioned itself to keep up with the changes.

Our industry is the last of the “Mom & Pop” same day delivery. BIG BOX has not figured out how to take us over. It is the personal relationships in this emotional floral retail that keeps us together.

Let’s come together and think “Outside the Box” for additional revenue streams that will assure and solidify our individual businesses for the future. PFS is doing just that through City to City Market.

Check out the video at www.joinpfscoop.com and www.citytocitymarket.com

As creative minds, thinking “Outside the Box’ is a no-brainer for us.

Flower World
Ken & Yuko Grosklos
2925 E Prospect Rd
York, PA 17402
Phone: 717-751-7798
EMail: flowerworldof-

We have come to the understanding that the floral industry was systematically hi-jacked by those with capital and a plan. Not to destroy the industry but to make it more efficient and profitable for them. And it worked. Then came PFS with a plan to bring independently owned flower shops together. The order gathering companies don’t like this and will do whatever they can to stop us.

We, at PFS, are working together, pulling our resources together and planning together to bring back profitability, value and future revenues. We are actively reclaiming our industry.

I and my wife joined in 2010. I attended the first stockholders meeting in Atlanta in 2012. An exciting time for all of us in attendance. We’ve come a very long way from that historic beginning. Our industry through PFS is coming back to those who built it, the florists. And we’re just getting started. Remember one thing, this is way more than just selling flowers.

Something Special
Lisa Payne
1266 E Calvada Blvd-#1
Pahrump, NV 89048
Phone: 775-751-5757
EMail: pahrump.flowers@yahoo.com

Many years ago my parents and I joined PFS and began working with a group of florists from across the country. Our desire was to find a way to bring back value to our local brick and mortar florists. There was a lot of trial and error, but what we’ve accomplished over the last few years is nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve developed our own online ‘Buy Local’ Marketplace called City to City Market! This is a virtual business directory that will help businesses across the nation, compete with the big box stores. We are currently able to provide them with low cost websites, free directory pages, and an online business site where they can promote themselves. We, as owners of this marketplace, will receive income from subscriptions from these businesses.

So, in the process of trying to save our own industry, it seems we have come up with a solution to saving other small businesses as well. We are excited about the prospect of keeping our middle class from being gobbled up by the corporate giants. If you want to be a part of making a real difference in America, join us today!

Rebecca’s Flowers & Gifts
Rebecca Foust
804D S. 9th St.
Broken Arrow, OK 74013
Phone: 918-251-0037
EMail: bfoust2204@gmail.com

I have been a member of PFS for more than 10 years. It has been a privilege to watch the process of starting an entity such as PFS and all the ups and downs it entails. It is exciting to see that it is coming together.

I have enjoyed meeting all the people involved and I appreciate their tenacity, vision, care and concern for the floral industry. I’m looking forward to the future of PFS and what that means for the floral industry.

Crystal Gardens Florist
Jeannie Hume
13565 Poway Rd
Poway, CA 92064
Phone: 858-486-4460
EMail: crystalgardens@sbcglobal.net

Entenmann’s Florist
Edward Von Bargen
1731 Kennedy Blvd
Jersey City, NJ 07305
Phone: 201-433-0205
EMail: flowers@entenmannsflorist.com

Towers Flowers
Peter McBride
1350-32 Deer Park Ave
North Babylon, NY 11703
Phone: (631) 242-0070
EMail: customercare@towersflowers.com

Every now and then an industry is disrupted. The floral industry is no exception as is evidenced by the precipitous decline in family owned florists in the country. If the remaining shops want to survive and thrive, we need to disrupt the disrupters. That is why I have invested in PFS. The plan PFS has created wards off all the attackers, from wire services to Amazon to Yelp and more. It is comprehensive, logical and smart. I am excited to watch as PFS revolutionizes the business world as we know it and brings unprecedented value back to the local family owned business in America. I can’t imagine a better purpose for being in business.

Artistic Florist of Tampa Bay
Wendy Turmel
2509 W Busch Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33618
Phone: 813-932-6116

I had heard of PFS previously, but was dismissive of them because I didn’t take the time to understand what they were saying and trying to do. I also was skeptical of it. Well, after I took the time to listen and understand, I was hooked. PFS has spent years on this plan and it seems as if they have left no stone unturned. I am absolutely thrilled about what is to come and the way my future looks since I bought my mega market. These are very exciting times for me!
If you are a florist who is ready to move towards the future and rid yourself of the wire services, the time to act is NOW! Claim your mega market now before it’s too late. Once a mega market is sold, it’s sold, and your opportunity is gone. Don’t be the one sitting back regretting that you didn’t act when you had the chance. We need to unite together and take our businesses back!

Let’s do this together! As small business owners, we owe it to ourselves to claim our share of the market and start competing with big business. United, we are strong!

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