Florists Working with Florists

PFS Floral Cooperative Inc. is a non-profit cooperative association owned by its florist members. The members of the PFS Cooperative are real independent brick & mortar florists who deliver and service their local market.

The Goal of PFS Owner Members

Over the last several years the current floral delivery system design has proven that it isolates, competes indirectly with its members and encourages florists to compete against each other. Florists are no longer ignorant of that fact. The PFS Floral Cooperative National Distribution Network replaces the outdated Order Gathering/Wire Service delivery system.

PFS has made this possible with an all-encompassing plan of mutual cooperation and shared prosperity. It is a marriage of businesses working with other businesses to bring prosperity to one another. In forming the Cooperative, the number one factor was to assure that the ownership of the PFS Network could never be overthrown or bought out.