The Future Is The Internet



Everyone agrees – The internet is the Present and the Future.

The Past is Past and if we do not leave it behind and get involved in the present and actively prepare for the Future, we will continue to witness the end of American era (independent florist ownership).

The internet is the future for real brick and mortar independent florists, but the companies you use to connect to the internet will determine how the longer term value of your business will grow or not grow.

As a national delivery system if all florists work together under a floral cooperative using the same internet technology to exchange orders and share consumers, you create a legal monitoring internet system that enforces fair consumer distribution.

cloudsv3-300x288(THE OBSTACLE) In today’s trade, websites, social media marketing, POS (Point Of Sale) are all basic needs to get your business up and running. Major companies know this and persuade you to believe that you need them, giving them power to bend and control the rules, your customers, and your profit.

(THE SOLUTION) However, if independent florists gather and build their own technology, then they can do the same.  PFS is a gathering of independent florists which made it possible for each member to share in, and control their collectively-owned technology. Together they are able to pay for a team to build their websites, market their products and open the door to new revenue possibilities.

But looking into the future, they cannot simply stop there. They also need to take back their customers. As a florist-owned cooperative, PFS respects the original honor system “Each local consumer belongs to the local florist”.
internet_c2c_2015jun12-262x300The consumer may order through a website or direct, but behind the scenes we honor each other’s local customers. This helps even the smallest floral shop in guarding their customers and profit.

What we have built through PFS is a virtual business infrastructure that combines the best of working independently and collectively – a system where thousands of florists can collectively flex their muscles and agree to work together as “one” under the umbrella of “PFS Floral Cooperative.”  This new business model will restore value to the independent florist’s physical store front.