Independent Florists, Let’s Work Together


Consider this: If not for you, they would not have their wealth.

What we have is what they don't have: brick and mortar established businesses that offer customer service out the wazoo and same day delivery.

Ask yourself a question, "What do the technology companies want from you and what do they give you in return?"

There is a gold mine out there that is called the internet. What makes it so valuable is what makes your shop valuable as well: the millions of customers we serve collectively every day.

Run your shops as always.

City to City Market will bring in new revenue that far outpaces anything the technology companies can offer by making you “order gatherers” for your customers.

Together We Can Reclaim Our Industry!

We know you will have many questions, and we have the answers. Just call one of us
(all brick and mortar florists) and we can get you all the information you need.

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To learn more about City to City Market, call us at (888) 438-8524