Are You Minding Your Internet Customers



Are you allowing your customers to be mined?

The process of moving a perishable product on a same day basis across the country requires a very complicated internet business infrastructure with multiple major moving parts.

This specific part of the business is called Corporate Internet Technology. It operates through a delivery network of independent florists. Over the past several years this delivery system design has proven that it isolates, competes indirectly with its members and encourages florists to compete against each other. Florists are no longer ignorant of that fact.
The main business component that operates behind the current delivery system is order gathering, POS/merchant services (point of sale) and website. Whoever mines the business that runs the delivery system controls the future revenue potential and the preservation of the independent business that uses that internet technology.

Every florist in the country is setting on an “oil well” of consumers just waiting to be extracted. But instead of pooling their resources to do just that, florists are renting their equipment (technology) from the same major companies who are competing with them in their own backyard. When an Internet technology company mines your customers through the technology that you are paying them to maintain, all of your customer’s information goes into their database and your customers become their customers.


Imagine these Internet technology companies having 5,000 or more of your customers plus 5,000 of five hundred other florists’ customers. That internet technology company has accumulated 2.5 million floral customers. Just imagine the type of new business revenue you can create with millions of new online registered consumers. Some internet technology companies are mining tens of millions of floral customers every year.

We are living in a global electronic world. The days of just solely being independent is gone. To protect each floral delivery consumer, the internet technology must be designed to separate, protect, and oversee a fair customer distribution network.

The previous choices were simple, stay with the status quo or go it alone. As an independent retail florist you are in the fight for your life and the future of the floral industry. Every order that is transmitted through the corporate internet technology allows that company to harvest your customers and market to them for their future earning potential. The time has come to put a stop to that!


PFS Floral Cooperative has the solution to all of the problems facing our industry today – the technology framework that represents the most fundamental agreement that all florists within the Cooperative must honor. This allows thousands of independent businesses to work together and fairly divide millions of consumers. This will replace the outdated order gathering wire service delivery system.

Independent business owners who want to remain independent must understand the importance of pooling resources in order to participate in a global market.

When all consumers are combined into a national database that belongs to the florists and not a corporation that is taking that information and using it to increase their bottom line you will begin to see a rebuilding of your business and discover the real value of your business. The future is now. “BY INDEPENDENT OWNERS FOR INDEPENDENT OWNERS” is the solution.

To learn more call a PFS member and learn how you can support local florists.